Fresh flower arrangements typically look pretty… well at least until they wilt. So how do floral designers keep the flowers fresh? Read the following steps to learn how to extend the life of your fresh floral arrangement.

1. Select flowers when they are in bud or half open. The color of the petals should be starting to show. Do not purchase buds that are too tight. They may never bloom such as Irises, Tulips, Daffodils and Roses. The bottom three florets for Gladioli should be opened and the top ones are in bud. The kelix for a Carnation should be firm and tight. The kelix is the green part beneath that keeps the flower intact.

2. Your container or vase must be clean and in proportion to the amount of flowers you are using in your arrangement. The leaves under the water level in your container or vase must be removed. If not, the leaves will rot and your flower life will be shortened.

3. Always give your flowers a fresh angle cut with a clean heavy duty paring knife prior to arranging. This will enable the flower to absorb water properly in the stem.

4. Even though your flowers are fresh, add flower preservatives to your water in your container or vase. Remember to change the water and flower preservatives every two or three days or when the water is not clear.

5. Spray your finished arrangement over the sink or outside with clear water to provide some humidity for your arrangement.

6. Heat will wilt your arrangement. Excessive heat either natural from the sun light or artificial from the heater will dehydrate the flowers. A cool environment will make your flowers last longer.